Stretch and See

12" x 16" Original pastel art

The Details

On my trip to Africa I expected to see all the animals I've has loved since watching "The Lion King" as a child, especially the lions. What I did not expect was to fall so completely in love with giraffes. Their long slender bodies and necks and the incredible large doe-like eyes. I could not stop staring into these amazing eyes with what seemed like meter long eyelashes (without any mascara!) It was nearly six years later when I created this incredibly detailed black and white pastel piece titled "Stretch and See".

On a trip to Greece I took a break to reconnect and re-inspire my love of art. With this time away I was inspired to work in black and white which gives such a dramatic yet stunning quality to a piece - you notice the contrast and where the light hits even more then you would when done in colour. I still added very subtle hints of colour through-out the piece which on closer examination is where you will see this. 

This piece is framed is triple matting and masterpiece glass. 

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Moonstone, Ontario