Summer Graze

16" x 20" Original Artwork

The Details.


This piece came together as a collage you can say.

I've seen two Art Battles so far, where there is a limited amount of time for them to paint a canvas (believe 20 minutes), which is voted for and then if you win you continue in the battle going to regionals, etc. The way they use paint inspired me to try mixed media adding paint with realistic pastel animals.

Let me tell you, it took a bit. There were attempts and fails but I finally found a technique I was comfortable with. The colours were inspired by the setting sun, I was out walking a dog and glanced up a the beautiful sky colours and thought - this is it, this is the background colours for my piece. 

The choosing of the moose was actually inspired by a previous commission piece. I traveled a few times to Toronto Zoo to study them and I started to really crave to do another piece of a Moose. In the end of it all came the masterpiece 'Summers Graze' 

The Original Artwork comes framed with artisan glass, double matted (dark grey on inner matt and white on outer) in a beautiful black frame. 

Viewing of original before purchase is possible depending on location

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Moonstone, Ontario