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Sum yourself up in a paragraph.

Right, okay. No pressure. You got this.

Animals, Love, Art, and Beauty. 

Those four things inspire me, motivate me, and are the source of joy in my life.

My first best friend as a child was my dog, a rottweiler-labrador retriever mix. It felt like we understood each other on a level deeper than many others did. From a young age, I understood the majestic beauty of animals and their pure gentle souls. This has translated into how I create art, as an art piece is not complete until a deep connection is felt with the subject matter. 


I began drawing animals as soon as I learned to draw. However, the decision to pursue art as a profession was not made until high school. Inspired by one particular artwork. 

It was a kodiak bear done in chalk pastel (yes, I was a pastel lover from the beginning) that my principal requested be hung in his office. It was at this moment I realized that my art was as beautiful to others as it was to me, and I keep the painting in my art studio as a reminder of this moment. The following year, in Grade 12 I received the incredible achievement of the Dr. WM Armstrong Award for the highest mark in general art, and well, that award sealed the deal that I would follow the path of a creative.

I have since applied, attended, and graduated from Fanshawe College with a degree in Fine Arts, and have had the honor of exhibiting my artwork in many beautiful galleries and booths at events. 

Now, as a mother of one incredible child and two amazing pets, I live in a quaint community surrounded by woods in Moonstone, Ontario. Working from home, I create from the heart with love and intention. Creating artwork that captures an animal's essence and evokes a sense of love and connection is my goal.

I want to welcome you to my journey, 

I am so glad you are here. 


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