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Original kitten pastel artwork

'Quiet Love' Original kitten pastel artwork Framed

10 x 8" Original Artwork, measuring 13" x 16" in frame.


When something adorable becomes something enchanting, it's impossible to look away. Using a monochromatic colour scheme of greys, whites, raw umber, and black for the body, the dramatic contrast of the colourful ultramarine blue, yellow and green eyes ensnare the gaze and capture your heart. 


The original piece was hand-created using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastels applied with a sponge) and finished with layers of pastel pencils to add higher contrast and depth. The reference image was taken by Brandon Wallace.


We all deserve love; love in our relationships, love in our careers, and love in our homes. This collection was created during my maternity leave and inspired by the connection and love my little one brought into my life. That love overflows and saturates every single art piece, bringing that beautiful, gentle, unconditional feeling of love into your home and your life. 


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The Original is sold FRAMED as shown in photos


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