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Framed Original 'Little Bandit' Raccoon

Framed Original 'Little Bandit' Raccoon


'Little Bandit' is aptly named. A heart-stealer on sight. Rich, detailed fur and bright, intelligent eyes are just the beginning of this TOP favourite, HIGHLY desired piece.

The deeper you look, the more you see: subtle touches of brown, orange, and ochre throughout this warm black-and-white heart-stealer. Surrounded by a slightly painterly background, causing the raccoon's intricate detail to leap off the page.


Hand-created using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastels applied with a sponge) and finished with layers of pastel pencils to add higher contrast and depth. The reference image was taken by ebdo23 from Pixabay.


This 8 x 10" Pastel Original is sold FRAMED as per the images. Measuring 14.5" x 17.25" in the frame.


Shipping costs may vary. If shipping costs or credits are required, you will be informed.

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