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Let's Take a Drive

Grab a warm drink, take a seat, and pull up a blanket. I, my friends, am going to take you on a trip to a beautiful place I saw in person not too long ago. A place in the land of Ontario.

In this land is a magical kingdom called Deerhurst Resort, which is surrounded with rolling hills and abundant trees which, like a clever chameleon, are changing from green to glorious reds, oranges and yellows.

Inside this kingdom, past the flowing water sculpture and through the revolving doors you enter a place full or inspiration and eye capturing artwork called the Eclipse Art Gallery. Where every wall has something displayed, and every piece is available for purchase.

Now this is where a little shimmer comes to my art is displayed there too.

Although it seemed like a dream I kept a map so that one day I could tell this tale and have my friends experience this place too. Fill your senses my loves with beauty and fun experiences.

There are so many things you can do on your adventure. No matter what time of year!

When this land becomes frozen in the ice queens grasp there are sleigh rides and snowmobiling, or skating on the arrowhead skating trail . Then afterwards defrosting and relaxing at the spa and spending time finding the perfect art piece to fill your home to memorialize your trip. That to me... well that sounds like a drive worth taking.

Now that the story is told and this post has ended... I say goodbye but not farewell as I plan another visit


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