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The 'Forever Love' Art Collection

Some love stories are meant to be told, and some stories turn into art. Inspired by my little one, the Forever Love collection was created through a global pandemic and my first maternity leave. Each art piece tells the tale of a moment in time together, with emotion poured straight from the heart into the artwork itself. Six art pieces were created, telling six stories of love. Below are those stories.

nursery art

Thick as Thieves

Original: 16 x 20"

Print size: 8 x 10", 11 x 14"

I never fully realized how deeply connected you can be to artwork until my little one was born. I knew art filled the home with beauty, delighted the eyes, and some pieces you MUST own. But the day I hung the original rhino artwork "Thick as Thieves" in my little one's nursery was the day I fully realized how soul connecting artwork is. I have gazed at it day and night. The moments where my baby had me so worn down I was in tears, I would glance at the rhino mother and feel compassion, a knowing strength, and sisterhood in her gaze. Other times while I lovingly rocked my little one to sleep, I would look at the artwork of this beautiful duo and feel so much love between them that words cannot explain their depth. Now I cannot imagine my nursery without this original artwork, but I wanted you to have the same incredible connection available as a print.

Sweet Dreams

Original: 8 x 8"

Print size available: 8 x 8", 10 x 10", 12 x 12"

The quiet moments together are often the most treasured. Your sweet little one falls asleep in your arms and peacefully resting together, ignoring the world for a time. Everyone has their favourite way to say goodnight, and mine has always been the wish of "Sweet Dreams" This gracefully detailed pastel artwork of a cuddled-up rabbit and bunny brings warm, sweet dream wishes, and a cozy atmosphere to any room it inhabits.

Thick as Thieves gorilla artwork

The Look You Give

Original: 10 x 10"

Print size available: 8 x 8", 10 x 10", 12 x 12"

With every glance at this art piece, I smile. Its presence fills the space with so much love. It reminds me of the uncountable times my little one has been held in my arms and glances up with her eyes full of love, trust, and happiness. In the art piece, a hint of the parents' arm is wrapped lovingly around the little one. "The Look You Give" is full of love, depth, and texture, with thick, coarse hair in black, greys, and a touch of brown where the sun has touched it.

Bear Hugs

Original: 8 x 10"

Print size available: 8 x 10", 11 x 14"

Sweet moments together turned into this soothing, beautiful artwork. Her warm, sweet cuddles when waking up, her cute hiding cuddles when playing shy to others, or the gripping, needing hugs when scared or hurt, no matter the reason, she is in my arms, loved, protected, and safe. "Bear Hugs" depicts that loving bond as two koalas, in calm, soothing tones of greys, soft, richly textured fur, and the warm gaze of chocolate brown eyes. A work of art that feels like a hug.

Quiet Love

Original: 8 x 10"

Print size available: 8 x 10", 11 x 14"

Children's eyes are captivating, with their changing hues and colors as they age and their ability to look at everything with love and awe. I dedicate this work, "Quiet Love", to moments when your heart is captivated at a glance. When something adorable becomes something enchanting, it is impossible to look away. By choosing a monochromatic colour scheme of greys, whites, raw umber, and black for the body, the dramatic contrast of the colourful ultramarine blue, yellow and green eyes ensnare the gaze and capture your heart.

Words of Wisdom

Original: 8 x 10"

Print size available: 8 x 10", 11 x 14"

We pass on our wisdom with stories, recollections, and experiences to guide those we love. "Words of Wisdom" was inspired by the men who are there for our cubs, filling their lives with wisdom, protection, and love. The locked gaze of the king of the jungle and its offspring is hypnotizing. Soothing neutral colours and strong, bold contrast are united in this powerfully connected piece.

The Look You Give, Bear Hugs, Sweet Dreams, Thick as Thieves, Words of Wisdom, and Quiet Love. Six pieces of art were created, telling six stories of love. Those stories are now yours as the artwork enters your home and into your heart.


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