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Connection Beyond Words


Connection Beyond Words Collection

The newest pastel art collection that touches the horse lover's soul is available at noon!

PS. If you are in the Collectors Club check your email for the early access password

Connection Beyond Words
a poem by the artist
that titled the artwork

Dust in the wind
A glance from eye to eye
In the rising darkness
We never say goodbye
Perfect minute details
A loving look defined
Connection beyond words
Love never left behind.

The love one has for horses is a force to behold. The deepest of connections and mutual respect, their personalities and quirks, and the face and body of the horse are pure perfection.

It is love in a glimpse. 

I still recall the first time I heard the thunderous hooves of a herd running, with goosebumps forming at that powerful sound. 

The love of a horse goes deeper than most and, like this artwork, lasts an entire lifetime. 


Some pieces are only available as the Pastel Original

- no Fine Art prints or greeting cards will be made

If one is calling to your heart DO NOT miss out

Want early access? Make sure your in the Collectors Club

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