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Artist, Crystal Clarke
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Sum yourself up in a paragraph.

Right, okay. No pressure. You got this.

Animals, Love, Art, and Beauty. 


Those four things inspire me, motivate me, and are the source of joy in my life.

My name is Crystal Clarke and I create detailed pastel artwork that captures the essence of the animals we love. Fine art prints of these pieces are also made in the studio, both of which are ready to be displayed in animal lovers' homes.  

Artist in her studio

I began my journey drawing animals as a child. From a young age, I understood the majestic beauty of animals and their pure gentle souls. This has translated into how I create art, ensuring that each piece holds a deep connection with the subject matter.


The decision to pursue art as a profession was not made until high school. Inspired by one particular artwork. 

It was a kodiak bear done in chalk pastel (yes, I was a pastel lover from the beginning) that my principal requested be hung in his office. It was at this moment I realized that my art was as beautiful to others as it was to me, and I keep the painting in my art studio as a reminder of this moment. The following year, in Grade 12 I received the incredible achievement of the Dr. WM Armstrong Award for the highest mark in general art, and well, that award sealed the deal that I would follow the path of a creative.

I have since applied, attended, and graduated from Fanshawe College with a degree in Fine Arts, and have had the honor of exhibiting my artwork in many beautiful galleries and booths at events. 

Now, as a mother of one incredible child, an amazing partner and one furry feline, I live with my love in a quaint community surrounded by woods in Moonstone, Ontario. Working from home, I create from the heart with love and intention. Creating artwork that captures an animal's essence and evokes a sense of love and connection is my goal.

I want to welcome you to my journey, 

I am so glad you are here. 

Artist with her child and a painting
Artist desk and tools

Want to Look Around?

Welcome to my Studio. 

Where my hands create and my heart sings

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Contact Crystal

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