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The Thrive Planner



I give you the tools. The rest is up to you.

As a mother, an artist, and a full-time worker, I know that every minute counts in order to achieve our goals and become the person we were meant to be.

If you work too much - you become burnt out. If you don't strive for your goals - you feel gloomy, stuck, or depressed. If you don't enjoy the little blessings each day - well that's just no good at all.

Thrive Planner front cover

The idea for this planner started with the New Year 2022.


I had just finished my previous planner and was waiting on a new one I had ordered - enter COVID, a four-month delivery delay, and having no planner to use that offered all I needed. If you are like me, four months is a very long time if you have big goals you want to accomplish. Time goes by either way, but it would be much better to be closer to my dreams than in the same spot I was a quarter of a year ago. I have GOALS people, and I intend to achieve them. 

So I sat down and listed what I liked best about the planners I had used over the years, adding what I have learned I needed to keep a positive mindset and used my artistic eye for the design, and voila, welcome to the Thrive Planner. 

Thrive Planner first page

See Inside 

I created this planner intentionally.

Let's go through the book together. 

Yearly Plan Page

Yearly Planner - the first page

Viewing your entire year in a 2-page spread helps clarify your year in a glance. Allowing you to plan your energy wisely- noting the busy seasons, moments of rest/vacation/celebration, or where you can say yes, and add more things to your plate. The months are broken down into quarters, and inside each monthly box is a brief statement that represents the energy of the month, ex January is Rest and Plan

Thrive Planner Goal Setting

Goal Setting - the next step

How do you accomplish your dreams and goals? First, you need to state them. Figuring out your Big Dreams and then breaking them down into steps: Long term Steps, Mid-term and Short Term, is the intention of this page. Once you establish a rough layout of the direction and steps needed, take a moment to complete the final step of the page, Celebration Time. Celebrating your accomplishments helps reaffirm all the hard work you have put in and tells you you are worth celebrating. Which you are, my friend. On the next page, and every 13 weeks, is a Quarterly Review Breakdown with the sole intention of those Quarterly Goals taking you in the direction of your Big Dreams.

Thrive Planner being used

Weekly Pages - Where Intention Meets Action

Dreams do come true, one step at a time. You know where you want to go. You have set the intention, and now comes the action. The 52 undated weekly pages are FULL. After entering the date, write an intention to guide you through your process each week. Every Day Capabilities -Checkboxes for mental and body health with a prompt for Meditation and Exercise - the Top 3 Tasks of your day, with the top brown box the one step you do to bring you closer to your Big Dream. - Smile Three is GRATITUDE. What three things in the day made you smile? Some people prefer to start their day, while others end their day with it. You do you. -Also, a blank area for writing notes. Bonus: If you want to keep track of new habits or goals, use the Goal Tracker. There are three spaces for jotting them down and a checkbox for every day of the week. Utilize the weekly scorecard to keep track of your progress.

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