Man's Best Friend



The newest pastel art collection overflowing with love 


They call them Man's Best Friend, and I couldn't think of a better title. Our ever-constant companions bring joy to our daily lives and remind us to live in the moment, to be loyal, to have fun, and that life is better with a friend.
Creating these art pieces has been easy in many ways, and hard in others. Their grace, beauty, and love shine from the pages, the pastel flowing smoothly over the textured pastel paper as though they were waiting to come to life and become a part of our homes. Yet difficult for I know just how much joy and love these amazing animals bring to our lives and the loss they can leave in our hearts when they go (see BLOG dedicated to my soul dog). 

The best thing about love is its ability to heal, and creating these soul-filled, beautiful works of art has brought me many smiles and happy memories. I hope it does the same for you. 

a poem by the artist

Moments apart, moments together, time is fast yet slow. 

Your loving stare into my heart, directly to my soul.

Your faithful strut beside my feet, together wherever we go.

You bless my life in many ways as day by day we grow. 

These memories you've given me, 

a precious treasure in this world.

My faithful pup, right by my side,

for now, and forever more.


Original Pieces