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Boxer original pastel artwork framed

Boxer Dog Pastel Original "Want to Play?"

8 x 10 Original Pastel Artwork


Discover the artwork that launched a series and changed the world, for me, and perhaps for you too.


The quirky, cheerful attitude of the boxer is like none other; happy, energetic, and PLAYFUL! It only seemed right to have him peeking around the edge of the frame giving you the nudge you need each day. 


An incredibly realistic, soft, monochromatic work of art, hand-created using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastels applied with a sponge) and pastel pencils together. The reference image was taken by boxerdogmadness from Pixabay. 


To purchase: add to cart or select buy now. If we live far or near, the shipping costs may vary. If shipping costs or credits are required, you will be informed. The Orignal is sold unframed, images in the frame are for photo reference only. 


Thank you for supporting my art and for falling in love with such a remarkable piece.

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