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* Pastel Original 'A Glance from Eye to Eye'' Framed

* Pastel Original 'A Glance from Eye to Eye'' Framed

The one and only. No Fine Art Prints nor Greeting Cards will be made. Once this eye-catching work of artwork is in your home NOONE else can have it.


10" x 8" Pastel Original measuring 13 x 16" framed, the only thing left is you.

They say a look can say it all, and I believe them.


Created with an elegant and soothing black-and-white theme, the intense detail of the eye versus the blurry unfocused mane causes the eyesight to go directly to those breathtaking eyes. 


Using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastel applied with a sponge) and pastel pencils to create depth and detail, the result is soft, refined, and a horse-lovers perfection. The reference image was taken by wal_172619@Pixabay.  


Shipping costs may vary. If shipping costs or credits are required, you will be informed.


The Original is sold FRAMED. 


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