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Giraffe original pastel artwork

'Stretch and See' Original pastel giraffe artwork

12 x 16" Pastel original artwork framed to measure 18.5" x 23"


Add elegance and beauty with this captivating piece. There is soft understated femininity to the giraffe in her long eyelashes and her gentle doe eyes. With hidden undertones of raw umber throughout the contrasting black and whites, this highly detailed artwork adds warmth and class in any room.


This original piece was hand-created using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastels applied with a sponge) and finished with several layers of pastel pencils to add higher contrast and depth. The dark wood-grained frame and harmonizing triple matting encircles the original artwork adding the flawless finishing touch to this already captivating masterpiece. 


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Thank you, most of all, for your support of my art and for falling in love with such a special piece. May it bring you joy and beauty every day.

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