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Muskoka Here I Come!

Welcome to Muskoka

Patience is not my strong suit. Seriously, who realllly savors the wait, and when your hungry, my goodness cooking takes beyond forever!! But this, my friends was worth the wait!

What began as a wonderful conversation back in January is coming into fruition next month! Crystal Clarke Animal Art is going into another gallery!! (insert cheering and shouting)

Muskoka Fine Arts Gallery is located in beautiful Port Carling, there is no words that can describe the spot - you arrive and you instantly relax and breath deeper, feeling more at peace and at ease then you have all week long, and then you take a gentle stroll around the gallery letting your emotions guide you with the artwork. Stop by on your way to cottage country or make a special day trip to see some of my available artwork up close and personal. Muskoka Fine Arts Gallery words it best "We counsel our patrons to purchase art simply because when they look at the piece, they feel good about it. We encourage them to take art home to see how it looks in their own environment. We take pride in our no-charge consultation services which often involve visits to our client’s homes to help determine fit or to offer advice on placement."

So my friends as I tap my foot waiting for the water to boil for my tea remember, some things are worth the wait.

Muskoka Fine Arts Gallery is located at:

1 Lock Street, Port Carling, ON (between locks and the ice cream store downtown) and you can reach them at: 1-905-516-6545 or Email:

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