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Business or Pleasure? .... I'll have both

We did it. We took the plunge and we went on another vacation! A staycation as those trendy make-up-worder people say. . . to the beautiful Deerhurst Resort and Eclipse Art Gallery. (Insert me with a day dreamy look glancing off into the distance and then transition into a video of Deerhurst... if this ever becomes a movie that is..) It all started with a comment the last time I visited Eclipse Art Gallery that owls seem to be a big hit. Fast forward to my brain clicking into place and going "Hey.... you should try an owl too" and BAM "Snow" was created. For those of you that haven't seen or are interested in owning this modern original piece click HERE "Snow" is a 10 x 13" Pastel original art piece of a barn own done in black and white with a pure white background and currently available to own.

After an email to the Eclipse Art Gallery the piece was accepted into their incredible collection of available artworks and a plan was formed.....a plan of genius! Why not.... make a fun trip out of this delivery??

Googling was done, pet sitting was arranged, my Visa was crying out for joy in being used again, and it became real folks... Chad and I were going on our second trip together! (For those of your who don't recall our first couple trip you can read the happy, horror, my god travelling with your love is something else, experience HERE)

Now I own a bulldog. I say this as a point as like a bulldog I have sudden bursts of energy and then afterwards feel as though sleep and rest are a necessary reward and another burst of energy is not required for several more hours. Insert my man Chad.... he..... he is not like a bulldog...he is like one happy energetic lab retriever... For those of you that own both a Bulldog and a Lab well you have front row seats of our relationship dynamic. As soon as the tickets were set in stone I investigated the resort fee to discover that this includes rental of ice skates, cross-country skis and snow shoes, along with hot tub, indoor pool, fitness room, and more.. I think you know where this is going, as any insane person having a momentary energy burst I said "Chad.... let's do it all!!"

What an incredible weekend. We went cross country skiing, ate at all three restaurants. PS. the breakfast is not included in the resort fee -something we discovered 30 minutes and multiple plates into the delicious buffet when we noticed that the people around us were all being handed bills before they left.. We had a snowball fight, rented ice skates and did the Fire and Ice skating at Arrowhead, had a sleigh ride pulled by two stunning draft horses named Betty and Ranger (Betty stole my heart) played in the arcade, went swimming and relaxed in the hot tub.... and that was just Saturday. We were that cheesy couple who spends every moment together and enjoyed each and every minute (yes... THAT couple). Please note the difference from me contemplating pushing him off a cliff when in Greece.. Oh love, you mood swinging, fickle, hard to predict thing you.

There is something so surreal about seeing your artwork on display, in having people walking by glancing and talking about it not knowing that you were the one that created it. You almost feel like you are watching behind a hidden camera having a sneak peak into the other side of the story of art making.

I am thrilled to have my artwork in such a beautiful place, thrilled as in I did a little dance of joy upon seeing it and grinned like the mad hatter for 20 minutes straight, and I will be even more thrilled when these glorious pieces of art are in their forever homes. Don't for one second think I do not shout with joy and dance at home after every single sale. Knowing my pieces are as loved by you as they are by me and seeing your smiling face.... ooooohhhhhheeeeeee that is ADDICTING. Art speaks so differently to everyone... creating art is my world - but glimpsing the other side with peoples reactions and getting to know the personable and professional gallery workers is such a treat every.single.time!

Sunday came and the only thing we had left on our to do list was snowshoeing and the gym. Now Mother Nature, she's my girl and I love her all the way through and she took one look at me and my bulldog red-eyed happy but exhausted face and said "I got you girl" and gave us a light freezing rain, and well, we all know you can't snow shoe in the freezing rain on vacation! So off to the gym we went like some power couple that actually works out together - please note this was our first time - and once we were both thoroughly tired (I'll admit Chad worked out harder then me, but again... bulldog to lab people.... bulldog to lab) it was time to say goodbye.

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