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The Cloziers Bought a House!

Hmm... that doesn't sound right. 'The Glarkes move to Moonstone'... nope.. reminds me of a noise a frog would make.. Glarrrrrrrke. 'Clarke and Glozier - Sale and Closure" NAILED IT. That's the one!

We did it. We bought a friggin house in the country! I used to list over and over year after year "home in the country" on my goals list. So when dreams come true and goals are accomplished... well gosh darn you write a blog about it and share it with those you care about.

The purchase so was random and quick it was as though fate pressed a fast forward button. Now let's see...How to begin our story...


It was actually Chad who wanted to see the house, he sent the house details to me and I thought "well that looks weird but if you want to view it then okay."

You see folks, we bought a chalet (sounds so fancy). Now this women here hasn't been acquainted with many chalets so my thoughts were... why would they make the roof so slanted?? But I agreed to see the strangely built house for my man, 'cause you know, all that relationship compromise stuff.

Anyways, that weekend wasn't available for viewing so Chad and I decided to take the pooch and drive by the house and check out the area ourselves first. Well.. it was love at first dog walk. All the trees in full glory with their fall colours, everyone we passed waved at us as we went; it felt like I was meant to be there.

The next weekend it was viewing time and it turned out they were having an open house! As more people came and went I jokingly declared to Chad "get these people outta my house" and within the hour we decided to put in an offer.


This was the first house we liked enough to put in an offer, so with smiles and excitement we told Cassidy Lemoine, our incredible real estate agent, we wanted to put in an offer and she got straight to work! We found out quickly that they had already accepted an offer; it has contingencies but was accepted. We said "well s#%t balls" and low balled a price that we would be comfortable with, because we had nothing to lose and doubted we would get the house. They came back wanted about 20k more but again already knowing defeat we went up 5k more said that was final and continued with life.

The next weekend we were having our fourth thanksgiving dinner (you read that right, our forth) when we found out ... they freaking accepted our offer and we bought a freaking chalet!! Holy freaking s#%t!! 7 weeks later we were in our new home.


I know blah blah blah you rambling child, show us the house! haha

Ooohhhkay, here we go. Its tour time!

(Now if you've followed on my Facebook and Instagram I know you've seen quite a bit with the stories, and will continue to see reno's as we go, so follow me there for more.)

Ahem, clea thought and puts on soothing, yoga voice. This beautiful chalet is located in a wonderful country subdivision, with just a few houses and almost an acre of half treed half cleared land for our wonderful pup to run around in. We are surrounded by trees and hiking trails and a short jaunt to Mount St. Louis. This is a lifestyle, not just a house change. (haha how was that for intro) Boooyah!

Now mind you we literally moved in a week ago so there is a lot to do, but that's half the fun/challenge isn't it?! I say with a mad grin while more grey hairs sprout in stress like fashion.

The main cozy area is first thing you view when you walk in. Yes those are camping chairs, and yes, I am a human bed there for Tater tot 😉. With a gas fireplace and stockings hung we are ready for Christmas day! (Those are Nyla and Tater tots stockings by the way, Chad and I still need to get some for us)

Our kitchen is wee and has red cupboards! No offense to red but these will be painted immediately. Everything is apartment size in that cozy kitchen of ours but works perfectly for us right now. We are also spoiled with a hot tub and a sauna so this will be one relaxing winter at home!

Now to where the magic happens! No, not the bedroom you cheeky devil's, the art studio!! Its actually a loft and just freaking amazing!

Isn't it perfect!!! The two pieces beside my drafting table are signed Robert Bateman prints and I just die in awe every time I look at them. The stars were aligned when just a week before he was coming to Select Art Gallery in Newmarket my good friend gifted me two of his pieces. So not only did I get to meet Bateman again, he also signed the pieces in person and they are now proudly by my side as I work! Best housewarming present ever!! If you didn't know, I am a huge fan as his artwork, like school girl ridiculous crush, in awe and red faced every time we meet, so having the memory and the inspiration by my side means more than I can say. The bear piece on the other wall also has a big meaning to me. I created that piece in high school art class, my principal loved it so much he had it in his office and was really disappointed when I wanted the piece back at the end of the semester. Seeing how much he wanted the artwork I created is was what sealed the deal in deciding to pursue art more and go to art school! Ahhh memories.

The downstairs is our entertainment area and Chad's man den. Now to get to this man's haven you must pass the test and go down the Crazy Spiral of Doooooom. They are not up to code and will be our first major renovation (see where my feet are located... see how the stairs do not start where they should). Some people go down on their bum, slowly with caution or not at all. Even Tater goes "hell no" to going down.


Welcome to my new home my loves, I hope you enjoyed the mini tour.

Keep writing those dreams and goals lists. You never know what the future holds

Merry Christmas!



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