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Pastels; A Love Affair

Being a pastel artist is a category of its own. A painter paints, a sculptor sculps, and a pastel artist paints, no draws, wait - both!

We create artwork that resonates deeply with you and fills your home with the exact feelings you desire.

I admit it. I'm a pastel addict and have been for a long time.

I have been a pastel artist for over twenty years. My love affair with that rich, chalky medium sparked the moment I set my hands on it. It contains intense depth and a softness like no other medium. I've tried other mediums; have painted in acrylics and oils, used watercolour, and pencils, and built with woodworking, sculpture, and welding. But throughout it, my heart kept returning to pastels.

The ability to mix the colours on the paper vs. mixing before you apply, to erase if an error occurs, and result in a work of art so finely detailed that many mistake them for photographs. As you stare at the piece created a feeling of softness comes over you and a connection is made.


The form of pastel I use has changed in the twenty years I've been doing it and will continue to do so, but currently, my tools are;

  1. Panpastel

  2. Sofft Tools to apply Panpastel

  3. Pastel pencils: favourite being from Pitts Pastel and Stabilo

  4. Conte and Charcoal pencil for deeper black and brighter white

  5. Clairefontaine Pastelmat paper

  6. Blending stump

Original Artwork; Benefits of Owning

Layer after layer I work turning the materials listed above into a work of art. Resulting in a masterpiece that has a very soul of its own.

Each piece began as an idea, that was nurtured and loved with each application of colour, and as the layers were built the piece comes to life.

Owning an Original allows you to become part of that story, the story of the artwork, a tale no one else can tell, as no gallery, store, or friend will possess that Original. Lovingly packaged and sent with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Owning an Original is beyond special. Glancing upon the artwork that resonates with your heart every day, and showing it to others with pride, you become an integral part of the story of the artwork; your experience, your connection, and how you discovered the work and artist and became the owner of the piece that captured your heart.


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