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Timing is everything

Oh universe, you have a sense of humor, I'll tell ya! Makes me chuckle. In that head-shaking, all you can do is chuckle or cry so you may as well chuckle sort of way.

When I was first temporarily laid off due to the pandemic in 2020, I thought, this is it, this is your opportunity to be a full-time artist! Something I dreamed of the moment I registered my art business name and have been working towards for YEARS.

I had a plan: I was going to get up early, do my hair, record daily social media stories throughout the lockdown, and create, create, CREATE! Inspire through hard times, I got you world!

Artist and child

A week later, I was confirmed pregnant by terrible vomiting that began on week 7 and left... when I gave birth. My entire pregnancy was spent on medication and huddled beside the toilet bowl. You got some good humor universe.

But I get it, timing is everything.

Now, with my beautiful little one by my side, I have become insanely savvy at time management and producing art- I mean, if you only have 30 minutes some days to do something that brings you joy, you enjoy the crap out of those 30 mins. You forget about those dishes, that shower, those clothes, that pandemic, why you just create like the art-making beast you were made to be!

Inspired by the connection and love that my little one has brought into my life, an entirely new art collection has begun to form, called the Forever Love Collection. With her gummy, drooling, smiling face by my side, my heart is filled with so much love and connection that it overflows and saturates into every single art piece.

'Words of Wisdom" Original pastel from the Forever Love Collection

Comprised of artwork that captures the bond of parenthood, the love of little ones, and adorable baby animals, I am SO proud of these pieces. This collection is created throughout my maternity leave which ends in November, and then will be released to you! (Insert ridiculous happiness and arms raised in excitement) With early access given to all those on my email list because your support means the freaking world to me and I see and appreciate you.

So, universe, thank you. I mean... it will take me a hot minute to thank you for making me THAT ill, like, you went a bit overboard there, but thank you for having me wait in order to produce artwork that has become more impactful, more loving, and more beautiful.

Timing is everything my friend, and sometimes the best things are worth waiting for.


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