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Moose Original pastel artwork close up

'Alces Alces' Original pastel moose artwork

16 x 14" Original Pastel Art


The gentle steady gaze of this magnificent giant pulls the eye in. Created in soothing natural earth tones such as raw umber and brunt sierra when you own this piece it is like owning the feel of the outdoors. 


This original piece was hand-created using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastels applied with a sponge) and finished with several layers of pastel pencils to add higher contrast and depth. 


*Frame in image is for photo purposes only. Original is sold unframed. 


To purchase select add to cart or buy now. Based on if we live far or near shipping costs may vary. If there are any additional shipping costs or credits you will be contacted.


Thank you, most of all, for your support of my art and for falling in love with such a special piece. 

    PriceFrom C$920.00

    Available to Own