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Pastel horse original

Pastel Original 'Never Say Goodbye'

10" x 8" Pastel Original


Do you fall in love with the little things in life? The DETAILS? 

Like a horse's coat, which you think is "brown" but on closer inspection is so multi-hued it is a rainbow of browns mixed beautifully together. A horse's nose; soft and supple yet so powerful and swift. Or the horse's whiskers, non-existent until you look close, until you are there beside them taking in their essence and smell. 


These little things add up, and become our favourite things to look at. 


Using multiple layers of panpastel (a form of pastel applied with a sponge) and pastel pencils to create depth and detail, the result is soft, refined, and a horse-lovers perfection.


Shipping costs may vary. If shipping costs or credits are required, you will be informed.


*Frame in image is for photo purposes only. The Original is sold unframed. 


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