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Heart Stolen Adventures

She glanced at me from a mile away, head slowly tilting to reflect the sun off of those long, envy-worthy eyelashes. Her gaze met mine, and I was immediately in love.

I didn't expect to fall in love with her - I mean, I was in love with someone else, but one glance in those doe-like eyes and she became the star of the show. This is how my heart was stolen by another in Africa.

I went to Tanzania for the lions, powerful and sleek in every way, but once my eye caught sight of the graceful, long-legged, doe-eyed giraffe in the wild - I had eyes for no other. Depicting the moment our eyes locked and my heart was swept away, the reference photo, taken by me in Africa, was an easy choice to use to create a heart-stealing, eye-captivating work of art.

This 12 x 16" Pastel Original artwork is framed and ready to hang upon arrival at your door. All you need to do is say yes.

Highly detailed, full of elegance and beauty. Hidden warm undertones throughout the contrasting black and whites. The depth and texture of the pastel, from beginning to end this piece is stunning.

I know, I should be upset my heart was stolen by another, but I mean, just look at her! Available to own and steal hearts with every glance.


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