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The Healing Power of Art

As my daughter was the inspiration for every piece in the 'Forever Love' Collection, my dog, Tater tot, was the inspiration for the 'Man's Best Friend' Collection.

Halfway through the collection, my beloved boy passed, and with those moments of heartache came the fear of continuing. Instead, I was blessed with smiles of remembrance, images of his happy, goofy face, and an overwhelming amount of love that seemed to flow into each piece. In the wake of my lost soul dog, I found comfort in this art collection.

I have planned to create an entire series with all the breeds. For once I have caught up on my custom waiting list, I do not know if my commissions will reopen or forever close, being a beautiful stepping stone in my art path. There is a flow, and energy to creating, and where it leads I follow. I feel the pull away from my current collection towards a different "neigh"borhood.

The Man's Best Friend Collection has provided me with memories and love to share. From the creative way of using a frame to the fullest to the elegant simpleness of a modern colour palette, this series is one for the books.

The titles say it all.

'Moments Together' - Dachshund

'Want to Play?' - Boxer

Moments of Joy' - Golden Retriever

'I See You' - French Bulldog

'Sweet Smiles' - Bernese Mountain Dog

and now 'Days of Delight' - Corgi

After nearly a year since the first piece began, it is time to pause and celebrate the completed work. It is time to release these works of art out into the world, where they will continue to bring joy, deep connection, and love to their owners.


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