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Carefree Crystal

There's two sides to every coin, and this coin wants to FLIP.

As my business grows (insert happy dance), I find myself lost in the responsible sides of myself: Artist and business owner, full-time day job worker, and mom.  

But theres one aspect missing, and I WANT HER BACK!

It's the part that used to sway with the dancing trees in the wind, who would talk to wildlife on a walk, and who's FUNNY - I mean, make people laugh all the time kind of funny.

Let's call her Carefree Crystal. 

And I am on a search to find her again.

The mom part of me is here to stay - let's be honest, shes needed, DEEPLY, three is no joke friends. And the artist and business owner aspect I LOVE - I just want to bundle up all that ambition and drive and sell it in a very high-end bottle, there is no stopping that girl!

But how to rediscover the carefree?

The part of me that's been pushed aside with all the responsibilities in life. . .

I've decided, I'm going to walk to her.

So each morning, before my day job, I now go for a tiny little footwalk.

Now sometimes my neighbours find me and join me - unaware I'm on a walk to self-discovery. And their company is lovely (if you're my neighbour I love you!)

But those other times, in the brisk morning air, when the birds chirp hello, and the sun peaks out through the trees as she rises, I begin to remember the old me and I say "Good morning Blue Jay", and "Hello sun", and begin swaying along with the trees.

And my goal for 2024 is to make more time for that. To keep walking to the carefree.

Would you like to join me?


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