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The Truth About F.A.P

Yes, I said it. Fine Art Prints.

The difference between "Art Prints" vs "Fine Art Prints" is subtle yet very important. Meaning the difference between a work of art that last a few years, vs decades. You deserve the best my friend, so let me break it all down so that you can walk into those art galleries, online shops, and storefronts knowing you are getting the artwork that connects with your heart and lasts a lifetime.

Ahh, the printer. The mechanical machine that turns a digital file into a tangible, richly detailed work of art. Now I had a printer, your typical all-in-one scanner, photocopier, and printer that worked great. To make fine art prints from that? Oh no, no-no-no.

Why? The ink! With time, normal ink will begin to fade. Most black ink will turn brown, then before you know it, you are watching it slowly disappears from the page.

Archival ink is different, being specifically designed to be resistant to weathering and fading so that it will last for a long time.

So I retired my trusty all-in-one and purchased my Professional Epson Printer which uses only archival ink. So that your prints will not fade and will persevere through the test of time.

The next step in printing electronic files that were professionally scanned from the Originals is using thick, acid-free paper.

Acid has its place. . . but not in my paper.

Acids in material cause paper to turn yellow, brittle, or crack, so the acid-free paper has a lifespan of over a hundred years. And you guessed it, all my prints are on acid-free, premium paper.

Although, do remember too much exposure to sunlight can cause damage, (like with all things) so avoid artwork being in direct sunlight and ensure you use UV-protected glass to get the most life with your Fine-Art Print

Mmmm mmm, just look at that.

Thick, smooth, lush paper. Deep, vivid archival ink work together to make a Fine Art Print that I am beyond thrilled to have my name on.

You can feel the quality with a touch, see each pastel stroke with the eye and connect with the soul of the animal looking back at you.

Every single print makes me fall in love all over again.


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