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Dreams. Are they worth it?

We face a question - Should we pursue the thoughts and dreams that haunt our minds, or should we give up on them since they haven't materialized yet?

It's amazing how powerful doubt can be; it can stop you before you start, overriding all the steps you've taken so far. I've dreamed of becoming an artist for as long as I can remember. It wasn't a goal but a part of me, which I have strived for the world to see me that way. But in adult terms, we base so much on who we are with our titles and our careers, so that dream transitioned into becoming a full-time artist - financially being able to support our lives with my creations from the heart - to become a 'successful' artist.

Artist holding up animal artwork

But the doubt can be overwhelming. The fear of failure and the negative thoughts I imagine my friends and family may think of my dreams. It's exhausting sometimes. If you are there too, I want you to take a deep breath and say it with me.

"Doubt, you can kiss my ass because you don't belong here or anywhere in this New Year" This is MY life, and if I continue to strive to grow and learn, doing things that bring me joy, expand my mind, and grow my comfort zone while working towards my dreams, then I am living the life I've dreamed of, even if it looks different than what I first imagined.

Dreams. Are they worth it? Yes, and so are you.

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