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The Wholesale Experience - Day One

Before the sun shone gently through the trees, our eyes were open knowing today was the first day filled with newness. Five minutes later, when the second alarm went off, we were forced out of bed and began the adventure. To say my nerves were high is an understatement. But having your words of encouragement and meeting the incredible vendors quickly defused my anxiety with the knowledge I have of my tribe, my collectors, and any addition to that is a beautiful blessing. In true Crystal fashion had a moment of geeking out within the first hour- but first, some back story. I have been working up to a big show in Toronto, adding more beautiful pieces and products so that, once ready, would have a great diversity for art lovers. Chad and I went to the show almost two years ago to check it out and picture the logistics and what it would look like for us to attend as vendors. There was one booth in particular that I fell in love with called Sadie & June. My eyes were snagged, loving everything I saw - the booth display was inviting and captivating, their product had a deep meaning, and their inventory blew my mind! So many options to choose from, while I (at the time) only had 5 pieces (the Forever Love Collection). They became my aspiration for where I would like my business to go. And who was the booth directly across from me at this Wholesale Show?! You know it! I whispered to Chad on set-up day, "It's them! And they are our neighbours!" I then proceeded on Day One to let them know they were deeply inspiring to me, and I couldn't believe that we were neighbours. And then the cheery on top - they are incredible people: warm, open, inviting, and so helpful. Is it weird to crush on an entire company? Because that crush is going strong. Day one was a learning experience but ended with new friends, future leads, and a hotel room with a king-sized bed. As they say, scared? Do it anyway!

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