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The Black Friday Decision

So it's a sorry, not sorry situation.

Theres one thing you probably know by now. I don't lie. I mean, honestly, who has the energy for that?

Last year, you may remember, I had my first Black Friday sale. And openly admitted I wasn't sure I would ever do it again.

I see the appeal, I truly do. Stretching our every penny and making it count, waiting for the things we have been CRAVING to go on sale to give us the final push to say YES.

But the truth is, I don't get 50% off of the premium paper, archival ink or greeting cards I carry, theres no reduced cost on shipping when I mail things, and the hours it took to create the original did not decrease.

The love that goes into every single package is just that- intentional love from one person. No multiple employees, no big store discounts, no multiple artists creating, one small business owner who wants to celebrate the beauty in the everyday. The incredible sights of wildlife and the animals we love.

I know you value beauty and the artwork that I slowly create layer by layer. And appreciate the time and energy that things of beauty take.

But knowing the answer instead of guessing is always the best way. So no, there will be no Black Friday sale from this small business owner.


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