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The Christmas Tree Rule

Do you know that there's a rule?

Yes, a rule! A rule that if you live with someone else, you have to decorate the Christmas tree TOGETHER.

Anyway, I clearly relapsed on my subscription to Christmas Family Traditions 101, as I had no clue this was a rule.

I mean, Christmas trees are THE THING. They completely change a room, (sets scene) the late afternoon comes earlier making it dark outside before dinner, but in your house is a room FILLED with warmth and spirit. You look around at the soft glowing lights on the Christmas tree, along with the many, many (a silly amount really) ornaments, and smile, knowing your room and your life are joyous and loved.

Oh, and another rule - Your ornaments have stories to tell. They represent a time in your life - a trip to Niagara Falls, baby's first Christmas, the A&W bear on a sleigh (don't ask, and yes, it is my ornament along with multiple bulldog ones)

But I lost my train of thought for a moment . . . yes, the rule!

Anyways, years ago, a few moments before Chad was on his way to work, I told him I would get the Christmas tree decorated that day (because I was incredible and wanted him to come home to the feel of Christmas in the house). Well, you would have thought I took away his morning coffee - no, even deeper - like I changed it to decaf and never told him.

The look I got! Well, let me save you from going through the same mistake.

The Christmas tree is made to be decorated TOGETHER.

With Christmas music mandatorily playing in the background. But as it is a communal tree that means some of those memory-inspired ornaments get to be yours, and I have just the thing this year for you!

Beautifully crafted ceramic ornaments tied with a satin sheer ribbon and hand-signed by the artist (me). So move aside A&W sledding bear, we are adding another joyous memory.

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