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The Piece that Changed it all

I have always loved beautiful art on walls- it can make a house feel like a home and determine the aesthetic and feel at a glance. But the day I decorated my little ones' nursery, I discovered how powerful that transformation can be.

I had purchased a few classic nursery animal illustrations to hang up, a baby zebra and an elephant, and between those illustrations was a piece I created called "Thick as Thieves" of a mom and a baby rhino done in black and white and full of detail.

The transformation of that one piece was magical

It filled the entire room with the love that was seen in that artwork, and not only that, it made me feel less alone. Late at night, when I was trying to get my little one to go back to sleep; rocking her while everyone else in the house was peacefully asleep, that piece of art connected with me. I felt the compassion in the mother rhino's eyes, the love she felt for her baby, and the feeling of "You're not alone in this." I felt seen.

That's when I knew we can fall in LOVE with our walls if we just choose the right pieces, and it is a delightful honour to create those pieces for you.


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