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The Mindshift Switch


Let's talk about mindset. I mean, it's probably the first time you have ever heard of the importance of your thoughts, I know, mastermind over here. But knowing something and then living something are very different experiences.

Let's start with blunt honesty. This year's shows have been different. Not in the incredible people I meet and form beautiful connections with, but in the sales. Sales are down, really down.

Now, there are several ways to take this, and truthfully, I did not take it gracefully at first.

I took it straight to the heart. Big tears, should I give up on my dreams, type thoughts. Not the most productive way to go. I knew it wasn't the art because they are glorious. They truly are. Full of soul and intricate detail, bringing life to the walls they are on. So I assumed it was me (oy vey Crystal, you self-centred women).

(I do want to take a moment to explain I am not the greedy type. But I am aware that for any business to succeed, you must have more profit than the expense, and sadly, this did not occur.)

Then came the mindset switch. I retreated, rested, and worked on remembering why I've chosen to live this life as an artist. And then, shaken but standing, I prepared for our next event.

As fate would have it, I was sent an email from the event with a prompt to decide how I would define success at the event so that afterwards, I could explain to the event if I felt it was successful.

I decided I wouldn't fall into the same trap of financial success, something entirely out of my control, and instead set a goal of seeing how much fun, Chad and I, could have on Saturday and relax and enjoy the beauty of Sunday.

It worked! This show felt so much more SPECIAL. And my goodness, did I enjoy myself. The laughter and smiles were genuine. The joy of meeting Collectors from many years ago and new Collectors that found us on social media. The tears of joy when unveiling a completed custom portrait to an incredible couple were the balm to my soul they didn't even know I needed.

So yes, all those gosh darn sayings are true; enjoy the process, not just the end destination. We only have today, and control what you can control. And when I get kicked in the gut, it was because I needed it - although it doesn't feel very nice.

What's in my control is creating artwork I am proud of, filled with soul, and brings a smile to my heart. Packaging that product beautifully and showing it to incredible people like you. Thank you for an amazing weekend.


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