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The Wholesale Experience - Day Two

Did you hear me? I'm pretty sure you did!

When I started jumping for joy, where my smile overtook my entire face and where I contemplated a cartwheel but decided I would probably injure myself in the attempt.

I made my VERY FIRST wholesale order! It is to an incredible woman we met on Day One of the Toronto Market Week, and she came back to order!

Now, because there is humour in everything, here's the story.

After four hours on my feet, I had to eat. Hangry never looks good on anyone. I made a cute sign that said I would be back in 15 minutes and told Steve - from my vendor neighbours Steve and Kendall with the company, Sadie and June - I would be back, and jokingly added, "Be sure to take orders while I'm away."

I was on my way back when I noticed Kendall walking fast - she was searching for me as Steve was taking an order for me! Full of nerves and disbelief, I rushed back and finished the wholesale order.

My first sale memory makes me smile just thinking of it. We decided it does count as my first sale, even though I wasn't the one who started it


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