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Outgrowing the Art on Your Walls

Take a good look around and ask yourself "Have you outgrown the art on your walls?" It can be a bit of an uncomfortable conversation, as we hung them up years ago for a reason, but the transformation of having something you LOVE on your walls is worth the slight discomfort of saying goodbye to the art that no longer serves you.

Let me use an example.

When I was 25, I travelled for about seven months, visiting five countries, and it was EPIC. One country that completely stole my heart was New Zealand, and a photograph I took of the captivating landscape was proudly displayed on my wall upon returning.

At first, I would stop and stare and feel such wonderfully positive emotions, then as the years went by it just became something on my wall. I no longer lost myself in emotions when looking at the piece and slowly just stopped glancing at it when I walked by.

It travelled from me from home to home and life continued to change with me; I found my partner, we had a child, and one day I decided to change the large, stunning piece of the New Zealand landscape to an incredible picture taken from our newborn photoshoot.

I know it may sound simple, but it wasn't.

I felt guilty taking down the New Zealand piece, and sad that I lost the inspiration it once gave me, but after the old piece was put away and the new one was up the transformation was INCREDIBLE! Every time I walk by a smile appears on my face and my heart feels fuller. I often stop and simply stare at the piece and it changes my emotions in such a positive way.

Is there a work of art on your wall that is simply "taking up space"? Where the spark is gone but you feel as though you need to keep it for memory's sake? I am here by your side, to walk down this path and remind you that although our past is beyond beautiful, let's fill our days and walls with pieces that make a smile form on our lips, make our hearts feel a little fuller, and fall in love all over again with the sights that surround us daily.

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