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End of an Era

Wow, this is it. The end of custom artwork, at least for now.

It feels like the end of an era.

This moment is monumental in many ways. Those who have worked together to create a custom piece have something that many others will never get; a work of art and a deeply meaningful thank you for supporting a young artist's dream and believing in me.

It also represents a new path, one of a creative who is stepping out of one mold and spreading her artwork far and wide.

One of my first customs was done in chalk pastels, and one of the most recent ones was in panpastel and pastel pencils.


Why Stop Custom Artwork

The joy, excitement, and tears when someone receives their piece of art makes my heart soar and is wonderfully addictive, but they are confined to just that one person/family. With my creations, starting with the Pastel Originals and then becoming Fine Art Giclee Prints and greeting cards, that joy and connection are limitless, able to be felt, shared, and owned by all who feel that spark and want it in their daily lives.

As a human being, I also have limitations. I have gray hair for a reason, and my wrist does feel the effects of time, although I would like to think I look phenomenal (work it, girl!).

I recognize that time is limited, and I should invest whatever time I have left (hopefully decades) into creating masterpieces that have been patiently waiting for their turn to be shared broadly.


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